Painting kitchen cabinets

Kitchen makeover on a budget

Have you ever thought of updating and renewing your kitchen just with paint?

Find out what a great way it is to inject some personality and fun into your kitchen decor!

If you want to make a change to your existing kitchen without replacing the cabinets there is no better way than by painting them. If you are happy with the layout and function but just want a change of decor, you do not need to spend a lot to achieve a new look. Painting kitchen cabinets adds value to your kitchen decor as painted cabinets can be really unique and individual. And when it’s just paint, it is not such a huge commitment since it can be changed in the future. Unlike a factory paint finish, you can always repaint the cabinets if you want a different look.

However, it is not that easy. It takes a lot of preparation before you start painting your kitchen cabinets, and painting can take quite a long time, as you will find out. Therefore it is advisable to take the kitchen cabinet doors off first, and then spray paint them outside. Don’t forget to spray the inside of the doors as well. Then, you just have to paint the boxes and trim with a brush.

As far as your kitchen cabinet paint color is concerned, look for very light, beige yellow tones and don’t forget to test them out before you make a commitment! When choosing any yellow tone remember that a little yellow goes a long way. You may like the color on the paint chip, but when you are painting kitchen cabinets with it you may find it too bold and difficult to live with. The colors should be carefully chosen to compliment each other.

Painting kitchen cabinets can be a way to express yourself through your decorating. But remember that after all, it is just about having some fun and not taking decorating so seriously.


After some initial use, your kitchen cabinets can start to lose their luster. If you don’t have in mind thoroughly repainting your kitchen cabinets, you can shine up them by using car wax. Apply some car wax liberally to a towel and wipe the cabinets down in a circular motion. This can make your cabinets appear like they are shiny and new.