New kitchen or kitchen remodel



Simple kitchen designs and new kitchen plans

You can never plan too much when designing a kitchen of your dreams. The only question you must ask yourself is whether you want to do a remodel of your old kitchen or decide on a new kitchen.

The reason why you are planning a new kitchen will often dictate some of the choices you make. Your budget can vary from a few hundred dollars for a fresher look to tens of thousands for a custom kitchen renovation.

Planning a kitchen remodel in a home where you plan to stay for a long time means you can make personal choices that might not be right for someone else. You want the kitchen that works for your family and lifestyle, not some generic kitchen.

If you love blue countertops, go for it! If you want to eliminate the breakfast table area and double the size of the kitchen, you don’t have to address what someone else would want in the future. But make sure that these choices will not limit you if you change your mind and want to sell your house to someone else who might not have your taste. In this case you might want to choose a more neutral counter and go crazy with blue wall paint which can easily be changed. Explore lots of kitchen remodeling ideas before you make your decisions.

If you are doing a complete home remodeling then you can make major changes to the kitchen floor plan. Removing walls, shifting or adding plumbing and electrical to accommodate a kitchen island all become much easier when while you are undertaking a major home renovation. Take your time planning the kitchen cabinet design since you will be working and living with it for many years.

You will have a chance to change anything you want including kitchen flooring and kitchen layout. If you are wondering if this is a job you can tackle yourself and save lots of money I advise you to do some research first. You need to find out what is involved to decide if this is something you are interested in and capable of.

Renovating and remodeling is not difficult if you have the right information. I can’t emphasize enough that you need this information before you start, not after. There is a saying ‘a little information is a dangerous thing’ and that is never more true than with remodeling your home. Get all the facts before you start and then decide if you need to spend money on hiring someone or if you can do some of the work yourself and save money.

You might have just bought a house that has a terrible kitchen that needs replacing right away. If you don’t want to wait for the long process of ordering custom cabinets consider having an IKEA kitchen installed. The cabinets are always in stock so there is no waiting.

If you don’t have an IKEA store near you, most large building supply stores offer very basic cabinets that are flat packed and easy to assemble. However you are very limited on choice of sizes and configuration of cabinets. This is not the choice for a design conscious person with particular choices in mind.

Keep in mind that you will not have matching edges on the front of the cabinets unless your doors match the white or natural maple color choices of the cabinets. The IKEA cabinets will come with matching edge banding on the front to match your door color choice. You don’t have to do the kitchen cabinet installation yourself as they have great installers who will do the job in a day.

If you are experienced at home renovation you can do the demolition yourself. Make sure you have a kitchen cabinet design finalized before you remove any of the old kitchen cabinets. Kitchen remodeling does not have to take 6 months if you purchase stock cabinets.

If you need to replace or remodel a kitchen to sell your house then of course you don’t want to spend too much money. However the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house and you want to make sure it looks fresh and can withstand the scrutiny of buyers. Rather than scrimp on the cheapest kitchen cabinets and then install a granite counter you should opt for better cabinets and a laminate counter.

Buyers know it is easy to replace the counter in the future but more difficult and expensive to replace the cabinets. Choose neutral colors for floor, counter and cabinets and then add in some color with accessories and paint. If it looks a bit boring at this point then you are on the right track. You just want a kitchen that no one will be able to criticize.

A kitchen remodel is one area where you usually get back more than you spent when you sell the house. Buyers will be looking for a kitchen that they can image putting their personal touch on so that means a very neutral kitchen décor. It might be helpful to have a guide to staging a house for sale. There is a proven way to remove objections when a potential purchaser views your house. You need make your home a blank slate so they can see themselves adding their personal touches. This means removing all of your personal items in preparation for the sale of the house. It helps to mentally prepare you to move in to your next new home.

When building a new home yourself or purchasing a new builder home there is also a lot of planning involved for the kitchen design and layout. A custom home gives you the chance to have the exact kitchen of your dreams with no restrictions. This can sometimes be more of a challenge than a blessing.

Most of us know exactly how we would change an existing kitchen but given the chance to start from scratch we don’t know where to begin. Looking at pictures of kitchens will give you some initial ideas of what you like and don’t like. After viewing lots of photos you will find that certain ideas will feel like they would be good choices for your new kitchen.

When purchasing a builder home you of course do not have as much choice. However items like accessories, extra drawers, additional appliances, cabinet upgrades and changes to counters, sinks, taps and flooring are all areas you can customize. Even though it may seem expensive to upgrade through the builder when it comes to the cabinets it will cost less to add to your existing kitchen then replace the cabinets later.

Items like granite counters, back splashes, upgrade taps and hardware can all be changed after you move in since they do not affect the rest of the kitchen. But changing the flooring or changing the electrical is almost impossible to do after construction so let the builder do those items. While working as a design consultant in a builder design center I have helped many purchasers revise the kitchen at the planning stage when it is still convenient to make changes. For example if the standard layout is a U shape, it is easy to change it to an L shape with an island as long as there is enough space for all the necessities.