Kitchen measurements



Measuring the space of your kitchen

I'm sure you can’t wait to get started on your kitchen makeover! But before you even remove one knob on your existing kitchen, you will want to thoroughly plan your new kitchen and measure kitchen space. It all starts by measuring what you have and then figuring out how you can fit all those great ideas into your new kitchen remodel plan.

You will need a 25 ft tape measure, graph paper and a pencil or pen. If you are using one of the convenient kitchen design software products or the kitchen design online program you don’t need the graph paper. Just record the kitchen measurements and use the numbers for your online design.

Measure just the space between door and window trim and stop at least 3 or 4 inches before a light switch.  Make a note of which way the doors swing. It is a good idea to measure the walls in more than one place since corners are not always even. If it does vary record the smaller measurement.

If you are doing a complete kitchen remodel you may be able to shift the light switches to get extra wall space for cabinets. In this case measure all the way to the trim. Also measure the total width and length of the room and the wall height.

Measure the actual length of wall space where cabinets will fit. Do not include door and window trim. If there is a wall switch or socket allow at least 3 inches to the nearest cabinet. Measure each section of the room. Measure and draw in all projections, for example pipes, gas or electric meters, etc. Remember to measure the ceiling height for the wall elevations.

Show the precise positioning of windows, doors, and the location of all fixed items such as radiators, gas supply points, water supply pipes and existing electric points. Although windows and doors are in a fixed position and major structural work would have to be taken to change them, most other "fixed" items are, in fact, movable should it become necessary.

When everything has been measured double check those measurements and make sure they are accurately drawn on the floor plan and wall plans. Measure the size of any existing appliances which you want to keep. Remember, you are not measuring your existing cabinets. You need to find out what space you have to work with for your new kitchen remodel layout.