Kitchen floor plan



What are the restrictions you need to work around when designing your kitchen?

Sometimes our most creative ideas come out of solving a problem but there will be certain restrictions to your kitchen floor plan you just can not get around.

If your home is built on a concrete slab or you do not have access to the plumbing pipes then you will keep the sink in the same location. If the basement ceiling is accessible under the kitchen you may be able to relocate the sink. However you still have the vent stack to deal with and this may dictate that the sink is no further than 5ft from the stack.

♦  Since you need a slope for the waste water pipe you may need to lower the ceiling in the basement if you want to move the sink to an island in the center of the room.

♦  If you want to update the fridge to have an ice-maker you will need a water line to the fridge. Make sure this is possible before you purchase the fridge. Your kitchen floor plan should be complete before ordering appliances.

♦  Moving or adding ceiling light fixtures is easy if you are replacing the drywall. However if you are not it can be a challenge. If you want to relocate the existing light fixture and there is not enough wire to reach you will have a junction box in the middle of the ceiling that you are not allowed to cover up. In this case you would have to rethink your lighting plan.

♦  Keeping the existing flooring material can also pose a challenge if you don’t have extra tile or hardwood to match. Not all cabinet bases are the same size so measure before you purchase to make certain the old flooring will still work. If you are not sure about it all call in an experienced builder to access the situation so you know ahead of time what your options are. If you are set on keeping the original flooring then design your kitchen floor plan around it.

Unless you are an electrician it is advisable to let a professional deal with lighting renovation and running wiring in your ceiling. Take some time to consider your light switches as well. You don’t want to have all the lights on one switch. Decide where you need light at different times of the day and install enough separate switches to have some flexibility in your lighting plan.

Before you start to purchase any item for your new kitchen, take the time to research all aspects and choices available to you and any restrictions to your kitchen floor plan.