Kitchen design software



Design your own kitchen

If you are creative or just want to design your own kitchen you will love playing with interactive kitchen design software. These products are so flexible and have so many options that you will be able to see your new kitchen design in 3D before you make a commitment.

Not sure if you want a dark or light kitchen? After completing the kitchen design online the interactive kitchen designer can show you different door styles and colors for the same design. Change counters and floors and get a chance to see what each one looks like before you make any final decisions.

Part one of the design process is figuring out the physical layout of the cabinets. Before you start to design your own kitchen  read the page on measuring your kitchen and transfer the accurate measurements to the computer program. It is worth taking the time to get the exact layout of the walls, openings and obstacles since you only have to do it once. Then you can try lots of different kitchen cabinet layout ideas on the template you have created.

You will need to leave a minimum of 36 inches of space between counter and island, more if it is a traffic area. An island can be only 24 inches wide but a better width is about 3 ft wide. This gives you room for stools on one side. Not all kitchens will accommodate an island as much as you might want one. Don’t be tempted to cut down on walking space to fit in an island. You need a kitchen width of at least 10 ft for one row of cabinets against a wall and a 2 ft wide island. This may not give you enough storage and you might have to settle for cabinets on both walls so you can add upper cabinets as well.

Consider your appliances in the overall design. If you want separate built in ovens you will need a 30 to 32 inch wide tall cabinet to house them. You may not have room for this plus all the other things you want. In this case try designing with a slide in stove and use the oven cabinet space for a pantry instead. These are the kinds of compromises you may have to make. It is not about the overall size of the kitchen, what is important is the wall space you have to work with and the obstacles you have to work around in in order to design your own kitchen. With the kitchen design software you can play around with appliance location before you make any commitments.

Part two is choosing the finishes. The programs give you the opportunity to see how your kitchen design online looks with various floor finishes, counter choices and cabinet colors. It becomes clear after a time which appeals most to you and you can move on from there to make final choices. Check out the decorating page for more ideas and photographs.

There are numerous free kitchen design online programs and planners where you can change the color of surfaces and door styles to get an idea of what different finishes will look on the finished product. This might be entertaining but it does not really allow you the flexibility you need to plan every aspect of your dream kitchen. You need to be able to enter in every unique detail of your room before you can start planning. As with anything else, the free stuff is not as useful as something you pay for.

Decide which kitchen design software is right for you and start to design your own kitchen!