Kitchen design ideas



Think ahead about future kitchen updates

It's wise to think ahead to make your kitchen updating easy in the future.

It may be fun to select today’s popular cabinet stain for your new kitchen, but how will it work with the changes you might want to make in a few years time?

Also, if you decide to sell your home in the future, you will want to plan a timeless look for the kitchen that will appeal to the most potential buyers.

You may be someone who likes to keep up with kitchen design ideas and make changes every year. Keeping the high ticket items neutral allows you to make easy decorating changes for a new look in the future.

Let's look at some do’s and don’ts for choosing finishes that will update easily.

Choose neutral finishes

If a contemporary kitchen has a neutral combination of finishes, it would be simple to add almost any color to the mix with paint or accessories.

Window coverings could be added in the future with decorative rods and simple drapery panels in linen or cotton.

Lighting can also make a difference. Dropped light fixtures over the island will add style and personality to the simple lines of the kitchen materials.

Don’t buy in to trendy design elements

There is a difference between a trend in design and trendy items. A trend to certain shades in cabinets such as very dark brown or off white painted cabinets is not a brand new concept but a tried and true design winner that has been proven in the past to appeal to many people. It is just being re-invented with a fresh approach to appeal to today’s homeowners.

Trendy is something that has not been seen before and may appeal for a short time but will date quickly and probably will not be seen again, at least for a long time.

For example, a hood and the glass cabinet pattern will date the kitchen to a certain year. It will be very costly to make the changes in the future to update the look of such a design. Look for kitchen design ideas that will stand the test of time.

Add color with paint

This classic kitchen design takes advantage of neutral finishes but still has a personal touch when it comes to character.

The important thing when it comes to keeping things neutral is to add texture. The beadboard side panels on the cabinets and the black and white pattern on the floor do not add color but add interest to the kitchen design. Ideas for paint colors can be found in any decorating magazine.

Then the color is added with the painted wall. You can easily imagine making this kitchen your own by replacing the mauve with your favorite color this year. Updating is easy in the future with a new paint color.

Don’t decorate with your finishes

This is a great example of what not to do if you want your kitchen to remain timeless when it comes to finishes. The homeowner might love this cabinet color today, but what are the chances they will still love it 5 or 10 years from now?

Choosing a more neutral stain for the cabinets would leave you the option to paint the walls green instead. This would then give you the ability to change the green for an updated look in the future.

The green border in the backsplash could be painted white when  green is no longer a featured color. Look for kitchen design ideas that will not date as easily.

Choose flooring you can live with

The homeowners always loved the look of this natural maple flooring and know they will not tire of it in the future. The kitchen was based on this shade and the cabinets were chosen to match.

Contrast was added with the dark taupe paint on the walls. This may be a bit tame or boring for some, but imagine your favorite shade on the walls and you will get a completely different feeling in the room. The light fixtures over the island can easily be changed to achieve a different look. Colorful accessories or furniture can also change the room to reflect style without having to touch the cabinets, counters or flooring.

Enhance the character of your home

When you have a home that has a vintage look or is very rustic you can design with elements that my not look right in a typical suburban house.

In this kitchen the unfitted elements come together to suggest a relaxed atmosphere and casual style of living. There is no downside to using favorite bright colors since they can be changed at any time with paint. The open shelves are an easy storage solution and add a decorative element as well.

This kitchen is totally open to changing and updating in the future by using simple color changes and different furniture and light fixtures.

That being said, I could see myself lounging over coffee for hours with a good friend and not changing a thing.

Make a commitment to your style

Unless you are building a home or decorating for someone else you need to make sure you go all the way with your kitchen design ideas. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Make sure you will love living with the decisions you make for your new kitchen.

The main elements in this kitchen are neutral but they definitely have a distinct design style. If this home was ever sold the new purchaser would have to love the same style or they would not want to live here. The main pop of color comes from the orange wall. This is something that can be changed to suit your decorating choice. The other finishes are still neutral enough that updating in the future will be easily accomplished.