Kitchen decorating ideas


Decorating a kitchen is different from decorating any other room in your home. Because there are so many built in items and finishes, there is not a lot of space for accessories or furniture. Kitchens typically do not have a lot of wall space either. This can be great if you want a chance to use that dramatic paint color you love since there will not be huge areas of the color, it will probably just be around the cabinets, windows and doors.

You don’t get to fill the room with large furniture and area rugs that can be changed easily. In the kitchen it is more about small touches that show your style. Since this is very much a family space the personal touch is appropriate to the room.

The cabinetry becomes can be a part of the structure of the room if everything is painted the same color. Also, the furniture can add color while the rest of the room is neutral. If you like a bit more color, consider adding china to the glass cabinets or a mosaic tile backsplash.

The breakfast area is one part of the kitchen that gives you more options for decorating. This is usually where you have at least one full wall to hang art or add a large furniture piece.

A bench can be built in between the storage cabinets making better use of the space and adding a cozy seating area.

The room feels larger by the use of different shades of the same color. Texture and design of the art, paintings and fabric will add interest.

Remove the upper doors from the original cabinets and use as open shelves.

Installing wallpaper on the backsplash area and on the back of the upper cabinets gives the look that the shelves are attached directly to the wall.

If you don’t know where to start with your color scheme find an item you like and be inspired by the combination of colors on that item. It can be wallpaper, fabric, a painting or even your multi-colored pet!

Be sure to use the neutral colors of the pattern for the items that can’t be easily changed. The more adventurous shades can be used for accessories or for paint that is easily changed in the future.

Displaying dishes in similar colors in the glass cabinet and on the counter pulls the color choices into the kitchen space.

The kitchen is all about comfort and hanging out with friends and family. Dark shade of the doors and trim as well as the cabinets create a relaxing backdrop to the decorative items in the room.

A comfy wing chair seems like a luxury in this space but the slipcover makes it easy to maintain. Dining room style light fixtures also add to the feeling that this room is not just about preparing a quick meal, but rather gathering around with friends and family for hours enjoying their company.

If you want your kitchen to have the feeling of a ‘keeping room” think carefully about the kind of furniture you use. Instead of the usual dining chairs why not have some large wicker armchairs to lounge in over the morning coffee and paper?

Using fabric can bring a space to life. The inspiration may come from different kinds of fabric. For example, adding blue and white fabric ensures that there is some contrast and will add to the relaxed look of the seating area. If you get tired of one color scheme, you can easily give the kitchen a whole new look with different fabrics.