Decorating with chalkboard paint



Get excited about decorating with chalkboard paint!

If you want to express yourself through your decor, one of the best ways is decorating with chalkboard paint. Whiteboards are now widely used instead of the original "blackboards" in schools or offices, but chalkboard paint is now widely available at most paint stores. It can be applied to any surface that can be painted. You may use chalkboard paint in an unique way to personalize your kitchen and add flavor to your space.

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Why use chalkboard paint?

If you would like to add an element to your decor that changes frequently, an area of chalkboard paint is a great way to accomplish this.

♦ Paint one wall of your kitchen or breakfast area with this unique paint and have your family and friends can leave messages for you.
♦ Write the family schedule or important events on the wall.
♦ For special dinners it’s a great idea to put the menu up on the board so everyone knows the feast in store for them.
♦ Another aspect of chalkboard paint is that you can sketch a likeness of your favorite image or thoughtful quote. Leave it there until the mood strikes you to replace it with something even more fantastic and inspiring. Chalkboard paint can be a very fluid way to accessorize your kitchen.

Add another layer of usefulness by applying magnetic paint under the chalkboard paint. This can be done as a border around the outside or by covering the entire area with both magnetic and chalkboard paint. This way you can attach notes and important memos and also write and draw on the chalkboard areas.

The good news is that chalkboard paint now comes in lots of colors so you don’t have to be stuck with black if you do not like it. Obviously, black is still the traditional color and if you want to use colored chalk or just plain white chalk, it will show up best on the black paint color.


How do you start painting with chalkboard paint?

Here are a few chalkboard paint tips for obtaining the best results.

  1. Start out with a smooth surface like an interior wall. Fill any holes and sand until entire area is smooth.
  2. If you don’t want to paint and entire wall use a sheet of MDF as plywood is too rough for the paint.
  3. Paint entire area or board with a good quality primer. Have the primer tinted as dark as possible so you need less of the expensive paint to cover. (go to step 7 if not using magnetic paint)
  4. If using magnetic chalkboard paint, apply this first with foam roller. Stir often to ensure proper mixing of magnetic particles.
  5. Let this paint dry at least 30 to 45 minutes after each coat before applying next coat.
  6. Test with magnet after each coat is dry to ensure the correct magnetic strength.
  7. Wait 24 hours for magnetic paint to dry then apply first coat of chalkboard paint.
  8. At least 2 coats of chalkboard paint is required, maybe more if you have a lighter color.
  9. Let the last coat cure for 3 days and then cover the entire surface with chalk and remove with cloth. This will create a better surface for using the chalkboard in the future.


Want more chalkboard paint ideas?

♦ Paint the glass on an old picture frame with chalkboard paint for an instant decorator chalkboard.
♦ Use a metal sheet instead of the glass inside the frame for an instant magnetic chalkboard. Or paint an existing magnet board with chalkboard paint and have two uses instead of one.
♦ Paint the inside or outside center of cabinet or pantry doors with chalkboard paint for a handy grocery list board. If you have a closet type pantry you can paint the inside of the door with chalkboard paint to record household notes and lists and leave notes for the babysitter.
♦ In kids rooms, paint a wide strip around the room in chalkboard paint so they can be unlimited in their creativity.
♦ Paint plant pots with chalkboard paint to remind you which herb is in which pot.
♦ For a welcome at the front door use chalkboard paint on a sign and change it with the seasons.


Without any doubt, decorating with chalkboard paint is a fun and easy way to express your decorating ideas.