Country style kitchen ideas



Modern country style kitchen decorating ideas for an original look

When thinking about a kitchen with a country look, you probably have in mind a twig chandelier and roosters and geese on the counter. You imagine fabric curtains with a fruit motif and a table with a polka dots oilcloth.

However, country style has now evolved to a more simple idea that uses textures, organic finishes and classic shapes to define the design. It is about using the traditional materials in a modern way, without all the embellishments and extra details that create clutter in a room.

It takes a cue from European country elements of plain stone work surfaces, wood floors and classic finishes and paint colors. There is lack of clutter and ornamentation and you feel like every element has a purpose for being in the room, not just for decoration.

Let’s take a look at a picture of a modern country style kitchen.

This kitchen has a beautiful airy feeling set by the high ceiling and white walls and trim. It might seem a bit cold to some but the wood pine floor and rustic plank table top add warmth to the space with natural texture.

The darker base cabinets beautifully match with the lighter upper storage. This gives the built in cabinetry an unfitted furniture look. In this case the base cabinets could be painted your favorite color and the kitchen would still look great.

What makes this kitchen modern country is the contemporary chairs, light fixtures and appliances. It has the look of a room that has it’s origins in the past with many generations adding their favorite things to update the room.

This combination of heritage finishes with updated accessories is what gives modern country its appeal.

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Modern country kitchen ideas to try

• The island counter can be a honed slate and the counter around the sink can be a quartz stone in a simple texture.

• The cabinets should be designed for an unfitted look, giving you the idea of a kitchen that has evolved over time.

• Narrow china cabinet holds a lot of items, making up for the lack of upper cabinets. Baskets add a rustic but useful storage option.

• Pine wood floors give the room a warm country feel while the stainless appliances add the modern touch.

• For a bit more traditional country, rich milk paint cabinets give the room a warm family atmosphere. But make sure you have a common element such as a color scheme to pull it all together.

• A rustic country kitchen should have all the elements of country decor, such as simple lines and weathered finishes that speak to country living at its most basic.

• To achieve this look use cabinets with a weathered finish, or paint your existing cabinets. Use honed marble, granite, slate or soapstone for the counters for a timeless feeling.

• The center island can be counter height or a unique dining table that doubles as an extra work surface.

• For a warm family kitchen consider adding beams to the ceiling. There are a variety of ways to get the look without having to install solid beams from an old barn.

• There are reproduction beams made from a styrofoam base or you can have false beams made with lumber and distressed to look old.

• If you want to create a lighter look with your beams you can paint them the same light color as the ceiling.

• Items on open display will add decoration to your country kitchen and help to create your decorating style.

• When you think of a country kitchen you think of cooking. A country style kitchen may boast a cooking area that reminds of the old hearths where they used to roast the meat and cook the soup.

• The colors need to be complimentary and soothing. Carpets underfoot would add to the comfort factor telling us that this kitchen is built for humans, not a camera.

• Adding a favorite painting and a vase of flowers will help make your kitchen a space where everyone will want to hang out.

• Windows in a modern country kitchen need to spill light in and invite you to spend an afternoon baking and watching the birds outside.

• The abundance of natural wood on the walls, ceilings and floors should be balanced by white base cabinets.

• Black hardware needs to add interest and co-ordinate with the accessories.

• The island needs to add a rustic country accent with its clean lines traditional looking legs. Storage baskets add texture and a natural element as well.

• You might think that using too much wood might make the kitchen too rustic, however the use of modern elements such as a stainless stove and sink areas will balance the wood with modern elements.