Cabinet organizers



Maximize the space you have with kitchen cabinet organizers and other kitchen accessories

Even a small kitchen can store a lot of stuff if you organize it right. There are many items available to increase the storage capacity and usefulness of your kitchen. From cutlery inserts to pantry pull outs, the choice is yours.

Take a look at some of the most popular kitchen cabinet organizers.

Blind corner cabinets are sometimes necessary if no other cabinet will fit the space. If you just have a shelf you will not be able to find anything stored in the back half of the space. These half moon swinging shelves are a must for this cabinet and will allow full use of the space. They come in wood, wire and plastic and you can install them after the kitchen is in but it may be better to have the cabinet company install them.

Top drawers are handy, but when they do not have an organizer they can become a mess. A good idea is to have a double sliding tray for cutlery which can be cut to fit the width of the drawer. Many variations of these trays are available on the market, both single and double. If you are installing an IKEA kitchen you have your choice of aluminum drawer dividers that you can customize to their drawer sizes. IKEA has many choices for kitchen cabinet organizers.

Incorporate separate bins into your new kitchen plan to encourage recycling of packaging and paper. There are many versions of this type of insert but if you want it attached to the door, have it installed by the kitchen company. The type to install after will have a track that you screw into the cabinet base but you will need to open the door fully and then pull out the bins. It is not as convenient to use as the attached door system.

If you are including a 12″ deep pantry into your kitchen design, you do not need to think about sliding shelves. However, anything deeper than 12″ will require slide out drawer for full access to the space. With a fixed shelf pantry you most likely will not see what is in the back half of the cabinet. Roll out shelves are one of the best kitchen cabinet organizers available. With roll out shelves you can see and reach anything in the pantry. Look for a system that is adjustable for various height products. Depending on your storage needs, you can install four or five shelves in the base section of the pantry. On the upper pantry stay with a regular shelf as you would not be able to access the roll out shelves.

Plastic spice inserts are inexpensive and really keep your spice drawer organized. If you don’t have a lot of spices you can store other items such as small knives or skewers in one of the slots. Of course this only works if you have lots of drawers and can spare one for spices. Otherwise invest in a wood or wire spice shelf or spice rack that can be installed on the inside of the upper cabinet door.

There are many other kitchen cabinet organizers available, some for specific tasks such as appliance storage. Your kitchen cabinets company will have their own versions but many can be installed after the kitchen is completed.