Cabinet hardware



Which ones should you select - cabinet handles or cabinet knobs?

It's a difficult choice that you need to make regarding your new kitchen cabinet hardware. Even though this seems like an easy choice after spending time selecting cabinets, counters, or appliances. But the truth is that homeowners seem to get stuck when it comes to deciding on kitchen cabinet handles or knobs. Whether your kitchen is contemporary or traditional, choosing the right decorative hardware can add instant flair and reflect the homeowner’s sense of style. New hardware can update an existing kitchen and add that personal touch. Look for classically styled, simple pieces, complementing the style of your kitchen.

Style of hardware does matter since it can greatly change the finished look of the kitchen. Consider the following tips which may help you with this decision:

Knobs come in an unlimited variety and price point but the modern choice is currently a stainless steel or brushed chrome knob. What is noteworthy about this finish is that no matter what your cabinet color is, it does not create too much of a contrast. Consider that if you have light cabinets and a dark knob, you will notice a lot of distracting dots against the light background. The same holds true for a white knob on a dark cabinet finish.

If you have a plain slab door, the hardware can become part of the design and it should be noticed. A long pull is beautiful on a tall door. Bear in mind though that it will have to be installed horizontally on a drawer front and you may need to use different sizes on different kitchen cabinets. Handles can vary in size so do not drill the holes until the hardware is purchased.

It's not a very good mix if you use pulls on the drawers and knobs on the doors as well as if you use handles on the cabinets and knobs on the drawers. So think carefully if you go for this look. Make sure the hardware is a matching set for a complimentary look.

It is essential to think through your hardware decision since once the holes are drilled you will not be able to change it. If you have knobs on the doors you could later drill a second hole if changing to a handle. However, the drawer fronts would need two new holes drilled and the original hole would be exposed. Obviously you can never change from handles to knobs once the holes are drilled. If you really want to find a way though, you could use a backplate installed under the handle to hide any extra holes in the cabinet.

Handles are a popular choice for those who want hardware to stand out on the cabinet door. You will definitely notice them more than knobs. With a handle there may be some damage to the cabinet over time from oils and fingernails.

Whichever you choose, it will be fairly easy to replace cabinet hardware in the future if you decide you need a change or update. Knobs can be easily replaced with a single screw. Pulls can vary in length so make sure your replacement handles have the same hole spacing as the original.

Watch out for knobs that are not round since they will not remain in the same horizontal position. It is advised is to put some glue between the knob and the door so it will stay in position. Or just avoid them altogether.

As you can see, whether to choose kitchen cabinet handles or cabinet knobs is not always that easy!